Prime Services Of Home Renovations In Hurstville

Hurstville is a suburban area of Southern Sydney and very close to the main Sydney city. It is a densely populated place, being the administrative centre of the local government. Many citizens of this region live in their inherited properties that need renovations. We are expert in handling the home renovations Hurstville, to repair the structural and functional damages of your old building. Some areas demand more extensive renovation works, like the kitchen and bathroom of a house.

  • Repair of walls and flooring – If the floor of your house is made of timber or marble or ceramic tiles, the flooring can be heavily damaged with numerous cracks. Thus, the primary part of your house renovation Hurstville is the replacement or repair of flooring materials. We repair and repaint your shabby looking walls while renovating the house. We fill up the cracks and crevices of walls and we also peel off the existing paint before putting the fresh paint over your wall surfaces.

  • Renovation of the old kitchen – The kitchen is one of the places that face the most wear and tear in a house. Your damaged countertops and kitchen cabinet doors may need to be replaced while your stained backsplash should be polished during the kitchen renovations Hurstville. The replacements of rusty doorknobs and broken drawers are essential while the repainting of faded kitchen walls fulfils the renovation project.

  • Remodelling of the existing bathroom – The heavily stained toilet, sink, and blocked showerhead may need to be replaced during your bathroom renovation Hurstville. Your damaged taps should be replaced with the new ones of modern designs and better functionality. We polish the tiles and floors and walls of the bathroom, to render a fresh look with the installation of new appliances there.

  • Designing of bedrooms and living room – We renovate your bedrooms by introducing new storage space in the form of larger wardrobes and painting of walls with cooler shades. Your living room can be renovated by applying contemporary designs and vibrant shades on the walls, according to your taste and budget.

  • Required home extension – If your house has space constraint and needs more space to accommodate comfortable living, we suggest creating more rooms to meet the needs. The home extensions Hurstville may include the demolition of existing walls to make a room spacious or the removal of old furniture, to create free space in the house.

You need to hire the service of our highly qualified professionals, as we are experienced in renovating old residential buildings. Hence, the home renovations Hurstville is a simple affair for us, as you can contact us online through our website or may simply call us over the phone. Usually, we quote affordable prices for our clients and you may compare multiple quotes while renovating their homes. The testimonials of our old clients posted on our website can help new clients in knowing about the high quality of our home renovation services.