Why you should use the HomeBuilder grant to rebuild

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1.Go bigger

Is your home becoming too small for your growing family’s needs? Rebuilding a larger home may be the answer you are looking for. New blocks of land close to the city are becoming much smaller than established older blocks. These older blocks have a lot of potential for property development and if you own a house on one, you are in a fortunate position. Rebuilding your home gives you possibility to utilise your yard better with larger living areas, more rooms or many new extras like a swimming pool, alfresco kitchen or patio area.

2.Live in a modern home

Building styles and technology have evolved significantly over recent years. What you were looking for when you first bought your home is likely much different from what you want now. Modern home designs often feature open plan living, home theatres and a focus on entertaining outside. New building technology also puts a lot of emphasis on safety and sustainable building and many old building materials and fittings have been replaced by safer alternatives which may also reduce your energy and water consumption drastically.

3.Stay in the area that you love

You have lived in your home for many years and you love the neighbourhood, get along well with your neighbours and your kids are happy and settled in their schools. If you need a bigger home, but don’t want to leave, then rebuilding on your current property is the perfect solution.

4.Save money

Home builders often charge lower rates per square metre than home renovation companies do. If you add this up to the costs of possible structural repairs, new material and your old home’s energy use, you may soon find that renovation can be much more expensive than demolition.

5.Grow your investment

If you live in one of the many homes close to the Perth CBD that have enjoyed good capital growth, over the years, you will be happy to hear that this trend probably won’t change in the near future. A brand new and bigger home on the same block will further increase the value of your property and its potential for future capital growth.

Are you interested in finding out more about demolishing your house and rebuilding a brand new dream home? The team at Citiwide Group can help!