Five DIY home improvements

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So, you have a house you want to renovate well we have a list of five easy and cost-effective home improvement projects you can do in one weekend.

  1. Painting

You can give your walls a fresh new look just by picking up a paint can and going for it. That’s the power of a coat of paint: It rearranges your home and how you see it. Which is why painting is the most oft-tackled DIY home-improvement.

  1. Caulking

Caulk is sealant between things like bathtubs and the wall. It can age and become brown before cracking and housing mold and mildew thankfully It’s easy to replace and only takes a few simple tools.

  1. Install a backsplash

You can buy some made from a single sheet of material and all you have to do is cut it down to the correct size and glue it to the wall. They can com in a variety of colours and make it easier to clean the kitchen.

  1. Renew your wooden deck.

If you have a wooden deck over time it can become patchy and damaged, but it can be saved! Clean it, sand it down, and then brush on a protective coat of semitransparent stain to protect it from the weather.

  1. Installing curtains

Installing curtains or blinds is extremely easy these days choose what type you want and from there you put up a track or rod, most things will come in the packet and only require a drill, you can pick out curtains from there.

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